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20 Years of First Prizes

The story of JKMM is a story of competitions – testing and discovering new ideas, and pushing for the best concepts not just on paper, but as part of a design process adding value to the built environment.

Our story is best told by looking back to the competitions we have won since we first the started our practice. This is a story that we want to share with all of you, from the heady days of winning the Turku City Library competition in 1998. This was the turning point for us. It was the push we needed to transform a workshop of four into a design office to be reckoned with. Today we are one of the biggest offices in Finland.

Looking back on the competitions that followed says a lot about how we have evolved as an office. It also provides a glimpse of how architects’ design tools have evolved over the past two decades. From paper and pen to sophisticated software, the tools have transformed the way architects handle information, but our ideas and our search for simple, intelligent solutions remain unchanged.

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